Bourbon / Nicholas County Heir Dispute

Megan represented two paternal uncles, heirs of a decedent in a tangled web of deception and legal issues. For starters, decedent and his mother died within 120 hours of each other, which altered distribution of decedent’s estate under Kentucky law. That fact, as well as the fact that the decedent was a Bourbon County resident, was not recognized by the Administrator, who had opened probate in Nicholas County (the wrong county), and who had not disclosed to the Court the existence of the two paternal uncles/heirs. Additionally, it was revealed by Megan that the Administrator of the estate had mishandled estate assets.

Megan prevailed in “righting the many wrongs” to the great benefit of her clients/the paternal uncles. She got the Court to recognize her clients. She got the probate case transferred to Bourbon County (the correct county); she got the Administrator to resign; and she got approximately $120,000 in mishandled assets marshaled into the estate so that her clients, along with other heirs, could share in them.

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