Providing Legal Services in the Areas of Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships Throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky

When it comes to your estate, trust, or guardianship matter, Megan Holt’s depth of experience with complex legal situations coupled with her personal work ethic provide a pathway to favorable outcomes. While naturally empathetic to your unique circumstances and the legal challenge you are facing, Megan is also a zealous advocate when it comes to protecting your interests as an executor, trustee, beneficiary, guardian, ward or potential ward, or relative of the ward or potential ward.

To help alleviate the natural apprehension that accompanies dealing with the legal system, Megan is forthright, transparent, and responsive throughout her handling of your legal matter. She returns emails and phone calls promptly, provides regular updates and expects her team to follow her lead.

Contact Megan at (859) 707-7798 to discuss any of the following types of cases:

Estate Administration: Megan can petition the court for your appointment as estate administrator or executor and handle as much or as little of the estate administration as you desire through settlement of the estate.

Trustee Administration: Megan can assist you in carrying out your legal duties as trustee of a trust.

Estate or Trust Beneficiary Representation: Megan can advocate for you to ensure that your interests as a beneficiary of an estate or a trust are protected.

Will Contest: Megan can be your advocate if you were disinherited under a will that was signed without mental capacity or under undue influence or where the will was not properly executed.

Guardianship Administration: Megan can assist you in carrying out your legal duties as Guardian of a minor or incapacitated adult.

Contested Guardianship Representation: Megan can advocate for you if someone is trying to obtain guardianship over you or to protect your rights if you are already under court-ordered guardianship. Megan also represents family members in guardianship matters when it comes to determining whether the respondent is incapacitated and determining who should serve as guardian, as well as to ensure that the respondent/ward’s rights are protected.

Power of Attorney Dispute: Megan can represent you with respect to the actions of an Attorney-in-Fact/Agent, whether you are the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent or a family member, heir, beneficiary, executor, administrator, or other individual who can request an accounting or contest the actions of the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent.

Preparation of Your Estate Planning Documents, including a Customized Advance Directive/Living Will: Megan can prepare your estate planning documents, including your will and/or trust and power of attorney (POA). Additionally, Holt Law offers a document that most law firms do not offer: a customized advance directive/living will, which helps ensure that your wishes as to vaccinations, blood transfusions, organ donation and implantation, treatment of you and your unborn child during pregnancy, and types of medical treatment (e.g., conventional, holistic, or hybrid medicine, etc.) are honored if you become unable to direct your medical care due to incapacity.

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